The Feast = Awesome

If I must say so myself..
Turkey – very moist – I was stealing pieces of it and dipping into the simmering gravy as Joe was carving!
Stuffing/dressing – moist and flavorful
Mac and cheese – my FAMOUS mac and cheese – was amazing. As always. All the women (but me) got up for seconds. Now that tells you something.. LOL.
Creamed corn – creamy and very good. A bit of a bite with the hot sauce
Sweet potatoes with praline topping – another KEEPER!!!!!
Green bean casserole with fresh mushrooms and onions
Gravy – always the best – thank god my Mom taught me well
Rolls – my homemade yeast rolls that turned out perfectly – a must have at any big meal at my house
Mashed potatoes – creamy with lots of black pepper

The lemon meringue pie. I’ve already said it. AMAZING. Only 2 pieces left. LOL.
Didn’t even cut the pecan as everyone wanted lemon..

Yum scrum.

Dishwasher jam packed again. That’s what happens at the holidays!!

About cookiesandcurtains

I love to cook :-) I love to decorate :-) I love to laugh! I enjoy all things FUN!
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