Yes the holidays are upon us. Well, almost. Well, actually about a month away…

I dragged the Christmas cards out this past weekend (after the decorating fest was put to bed).  I bought them last year on clearance OF COURSE.  Halloo why pay full price.  Anyway, I stamped, addressed (thank god for mail merge), and return addressed them yesterday.  Threw a letter together, printed it.  THEN realized the first line had the wrong year on it.  ARGHHHHHHHHH.  (Mind you – both DD and DH had proofed it – did they see the error?!? N of course not – so back to the printer to print them again.   I then folded all and put them aside to be stuffed..  We got the picture printed and stuffed that and the letter in together.  Now I need to sign them and seal them up.  I am that crazed person who HAS to get the cards in the mail so they arrive on 12/1..  Maybe I’ll be the first person to visit your mailbox this year with a Christmas card!  🙂

And then I had DD wrap presents and packed up 3 boxes to be shipped off tomorrow.  My wonderful DH is going to drop them off for me.


Life is good.  And hectic.   And crazy sometimes.   But ever so much fun 🙂  Because it HAS to be fun or what’s the point….

About cookiesandcurtains

I love to cook :-) I love to decorate :-) I love to laugh! I enjoy all things FUN!
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2 Responses to Yes the holidays are upon us. Well, almost. Well, actually about a month away…

  1. Could you please work on my shopping?

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