Dipped pretzels

Another holiday FAVORITE around here!! Sooooo easy!

Cover baking sheets (I always use jelly roll pans so the sprinkles don’t end up everywhere!) with aluminum foil (shiny side up) or wax paper.

Melt white chocolate chips or white baking bark in a deep microwaveable bowl. Stir every 30 seconds. When almost all is melted do not put back into microwave, just stir until smooth.

Dip large pretzel rods into chocolate and place on baking sheets. Pour sprinkles over. Don’t dip more than 4 or 5 before sprinkling or the chocolate will harden.

Let chocolate harden. I just roll up the foil or wax paper and put into a large plastic container. They keep for at least a week if not 10 days.

I always find I have extra chocolate and so spread small pretzels in a foil covered sheet. Then I just drizzle the chocolate all over and put sprinkles in top.

As always — ENJOY!

(These make awesome gifts for teachers or neighbors!)





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I love to cook :-) I love to decorate :-) I love to laugh! I enjoy all things FUN!
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